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LONDON 17th April, 2012 – Today Ink, the world leader in media that connects with travellers, has announced that it will be dramatically changing the way it incentivises its global sales teams.  Through its new ‘Iceberg Thinking’ approach, which tackles behavioural issues below the surface, Ink will guarantee its sales teams and leaders’ commissions based on behavioural KPIs and not the traditional revenue and sales targets.

This revolutionary new approach will address the behaviours that lie beneath each media sale and not just reward the end result. Ink’s new structure will remove the risk for sales people as long as they focus on, perform and deliver the correct behaviours which will be the basis for delivering strong performance results. This is a win-win situation. As before, the teams will be remunerated on the sales they make, but only if they have sold it properly.  Additionally, if the teams fulfil the sales process, Ink will guarantee to remunerate them even if those commitments do not lead to business or sales.

“This is a complete departure from the industry’s traditional commission based sales structure and it has the potential to revolutionise the way media sales are managed and rewarded in the future,” said Simon Leslie, Head of Publishing at Ink. “We firmly believe in our culture and supporting our people to perform to the very best levels that they can.  The new emphasis will be on delivering exceptional customer service across the globe and ensuring our sales teams focus on helping our advertising customers to grow their businesses.”

The sales teams will receive guaranteed commission based on each of them delivering an agreed minimum daily commitment that will reflect the number of quality calls made to a decision maker. They will also be tasked with delivering a value sales proposition rather than a commodity sales approach.  To emphasise the change in KPIs for commission, Ink is also scrapping its traditional 12-monthly targets in favour of 26-fortnightly targets.  This is based on “Millionsecondthinking”. A million seconds runs from Monday morning to the following week Friday afternoon and in future all Ink sales tasks will be linked to this timeframe.

Gerry Ricketts, Managing Director of Ink Singapore explains; “We have found, through our experience, that in business the task expands to fill the time we have allocated to achieve it. By changing the way we manage our time, we will raise the bar in our people’s performances and the level of customer service we deliver.  We have installed huge million second clocks in each of our offices to remind our teams that time is precious and good time management is needed to succeed.”

Ink is recruiting across all its offices including Atlanta, London, New York and Singapore. However, the company is looking for very specific people that buy into the company culture and who want to be challenged and developed.

“We are looking for exceptional candidates,” continued Leslie.   “We want people who are passionate about delivering a five-star customer experience and who want to realise their performance potential.  We are looking for bright, clever and creative leaders. And in return, Ink promises to share its “Happinkess and dreams” initiatives which help staff fulfil some of their life’s dreams and goals as well as provide an exciting and challenging work environment.”

If you want to hear more about this revolution, or you want to find out more about career opportunities at Ink, please go to www.ink-global.com.


Notes to editors:

About Ink

Ink is the global leader in connecting companies with travellers. As well as producing more inflight magazines for more airlines than any other company in the world, Ink reaches a captive audience of hundreds of millions of travellers each year with Targeted Advertising (TAD) on confirmation emails, check-in emails, print-at-home & mobile boarding passes and on onboard entertainment systems.

Ink works with over three dozen airlines, produces media in 17 languages, and sells advertising in over 100 countries. Our travel clients include companies as diverse as Air France-KLM, Air Macau, Bangkok Airways, bmi, easyJet, Eurostar, Germanwings, Gulf Air, Scoot, Jetstar, Ryanair, South African Express, THAI Airways, Tiger Airways, TurboJET (the ferry from Hong Kong to Macau), United Airlines, PrivatAir and Wizz Air.

Ink is the owner of the Airline Retail Conference (ARC) in Europe and Asia, the China Travel Retail conference in Shanghai, and produces the Airline Passenger Experience Media Platform in association with APEX, the Airline Passenger Experience Association. We also publish CNBC Business magazine and Time Out Singapore. For more information please go to www.ink-global.com

For more information on ‘Iceberg Thinking’ and ‘Millionsecondthinking’ go to millionsecondthinking.com


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