PrivatAir is a leading Swiss airline business aviation group, with bases in Geneva (Switzerland), Frankfurt (Germany) and Brazzaville (Republic of Congo). In partnership with Lufthansa, PrivatAir flies premium class aircraft from Europe, to Asia and the United States. AirClub is a corporate jet alliance of seven members based in seven countries in Europe and America: ACM Air Charter, Air Alsie, Air Hamburg, Flying Group, GlobeAir, Prime Jet, PrivatAir. They fly to more than 800 cities in 66 countries and the magazine therefore enjoys an 11,000 circulation onboard, and in private jet lounges and exclusive hotels.

PrivatAir Magazine

Readership per year: 406, 415
Issue per year: 4

PrivatAir magazine is the quarterly inflight magazine published for the leading international business aviation group. Found exclusively on private jets and sent to the homes of clients, the magazine provides readers with unique editorial features on broad culture and global interest which align with the interest of its readers. PrivatAir magazine allows brands to connect with a highly influential audience; which includes royalty, heads of state, corporations and celebrities, offering advertisers a premium environment to engage with highly desirable audience.

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