Wizz Air is the first choice for flights to/from Central and Eastern Europe. It is the largest airline in Hungary, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria and Macedonia and the second biggest carrier to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Besides connections within the EU, Wizz Air has also expanded towards Russia, Georgia, the UAE, Israel, Turkey, Egypt, Azerbaijan and Cyprus. Wizz Air now offers over 450 different routes from 25 operational bases. A total of 125 destinations in 39 countries are now available in Wizz Air network.

Media Solutions

Wizz Airline Magazine, Wizz Magazine

Wizz Magazine

Readership per year: 29.5 million
Issue per year: 6

Wizz magazine is the inflight magazine for the largest low-cost airline in Europe. WIZZ magazine is placed onboard Wizz Air flights to 110 destinations on a total of 380 routes. WIZZ magazine offers travellers a unique reading material in an onboard environment without distractions. WIZZ magazine showcases the best of the Wizz Air network, inspiring passengers to travel more frequently, spend more when they arrive and also provides brands with a desirable audience to influence.

Wizz digital advertising

Boarding Pass & Travel Documents

We create prominent advertising opportunities for brands on essential travel documents, targeted directly into the hands of key passengers.

Reach your ideal customers and increase your market share using the favourite low-cost carrier within Eastern Europe. Wizz Air’s targeted advertising gives your businesses the opportunity to place your message in front of 1.4 million passengers by placing your communications on the front of passenger’s online and print-at-home boarding passes. Our highly targeted advertising solution allows advertisers to segment and target a specific audience according to various criteria’s, including gender, nationality, origin, or destination, meaning you can serve your campaign directly into the hands of your ideal audience in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Wizz website advertising

Magazine Website

Reach a premium audience through exclusive advertising placement on airline homepages and through our proprietary online content hubs and apps.
Wizz magazine is the proprietary content hub for Wizz’s inflight magazine. With a unique reach of an estimated 15.8 million passengers flying across Eastern and Central Europe, the magazine website offers advertisers an integrated approach to reach and influence the loyal readers of the inflight magazine, Wizz.

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